Listing Policy looks to create a safe and fair advertising environment for its dealer customers (“Advertisers”) and Site users. To this end, expects all Advertisers to comply with the following Policies. Please note that each Advertiser is responsible for complying with the Policies below. reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to monitor compliance with the Policies and to enforce the Policies, but assumes no obligation to do so. reserves the right to waive any or all of the following Policies for purposes of product QA, new business model testing, and/or strategic market development. reserves the right to modify these Policies at any time without written consent or prior notice.

Be Truthful

All vehicle advertising on the Sites must be accurate and truthful in accordance with applicable laws. Vehicle advertising should accurately describe the vehicle and its location, and the price listed in the “Price” field must be the purchase price for the vehicle available to any buyer. The advertised price should not reflect any discounts, rebates or down payments on the vehicle. Any vehicle advertised must be available for purchase by consumers directly from the Advertiser at the dealership location identified in the listing. If Advertiser has multiple dealership locations, Advertiser is responsible for ensuring that vehicle listings accurately and only reflect the inventory at each location that is advertising with It is the responsibility of each Advertiser to review their listings on the Sites and to confirm their accuracy. If an Advertiser is found to be submitting inaccurate or misleading vehicle listings, will work with the Advertiser to update the listings. If the Advertiser cannot or will not adjust the offending listings, reserves the right to remove the listings from the Site without notice. The Sites support advertising for non-recreational, non-commercial vehicles which are mass produced and intended for sale within the UAE  Do not post listings for unsupported vehicles which include, without limitation, heavy-duty trucks, conversion vans, cab/chassis pickup trucks, cutaway vans, neighborhood electric vehicles, kit cars, aftermarket-modified vehicles, and similar vehicles.

Remove Sold and Unavailable Inventory
All sold or otherwise unavailable inventory must be removed from the listing feed or manually removed by the Advertiser as soon as such vehicle is sold or no longer available for sale. If finds listings for sold or otherwise unavailable inventory on the Sites, they will promptly be removed without notice.
Do Not Submit Illegal, Inappropriate or Offensive Content
Illegal, inappropriate and offensive content is strictly prohibited on the Sites. Examples of such content include any content that deems infringing, disparaging, libelous, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, sexually explicit, illegal or otherwise inappropriate or in poor taste. may reject or remove any such content from the sites without notice.
Do Not Include Your Local Business Phone Number in Seller’s Notes or Dealer Profile
As part of a subscribing member to, you will receive a unique toll free number which will route all of your phone inquiries from to your business phone. reserves the right to replace any appearance of your local business number in the Seller’s notes or on your dealer profile page with your assigned toll free number.
Do Not Include Links or HTML in Seller’s Notes or Dealer Profile
Hyperlinks and HTML are prohibited from inclusion in the Seller’s Notes for vehicle listings and on the dealer profile page. In the event that finds hyperlinks and/or HTML in Seller’s Notes or on the dealer profile page,, in its sole discretion, may reject or remove the hyperlinks and/or HTML or reject or remove the whole listing from the Sites without notice.
Protect User Data
In the course of using the products, Advertisers will receive personally identifiable information such as name, address, phone number and email address regarding Site users through email and phone leads, reporting and otherwise (“User Data”). expects that each of its Advertisers will treat such User Data in a responsible manner. As such; requires that Advertisers use User Data solely to fulfill user requests and to provide customer service. Advertisers are not to sell, lease, license, sublicense or otherwise distribute or transfer User Data to third parties (other than to third parties like lead management providers who provide services related to the permitted uses on behalf of Advertiser) or use User Data in any other unauthorized manner, including, without limitation, for unsolicited mass distribution of information or email, “spam”, “junk mail” or direct marketing campaigns.
Respond to Leads Promptly expects that its Advertisers shall respond to consumer email and phone inquiries in the manner requested by the consumer within 4 business hours from the time the inquiry is received. further expects that its Advertisers will respond to consumers in a prompt, honest, courteous and professional manner.
Be Professional when Responding to Reviews.
Read and respond to all reviews in a timely manner. Any responses should be polite and honest. If responding to a negative review, never use threatening, harassing, profane or otherwise inappropriate language. reserves the right to reject any review content or any response at any time and without notice.
Images and Video
Images and videos posted by dealers on are intended primarily to depict the vehicle being sold. Images and videos may also be used for general dealership branding and informational purposes.  Unless otherwise expressly permitted by, images and videos posted by dealers within Vehicle Detail Pages may not be used to promote special offers, prices other than the price offered in the listing itself, or to model potential payments or financing. reserves the right to suppress any images or videos which do not comply with this section.

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